Malcolm Devoy
Keynote Speaker

Malcolm Devoy

Worldwide Chief Planning Officer, PHD

Malcolm is PHD’s Worldwide Chief Planning Officer, where he holds overall responsibility for the quality of strategic planning across PHD’s 80+ global markets. Malcolm has been at PHD for 12 years and has co-authored books on how brands can deliver more effective communications strategies by behaving more like a challenger brand (Overthrow, 2012 and Overthrow II, 2019), and has helped to build PHD’s strategy and planning tools used across every office in the network.

Presentation Title

The Rule-Breakers' Rule Book

What can we learn from how challenger brands grow faster and sometimes bigger than their category competitors? Challenger brands tend to operate very differently to incumbent brands. This session analyses the behaviours of challenger brands within marketing and communications with a forensic view on why they can be so effective, to help all brands understand what they can learn from these brands to achieve disproportionate and transformational growth.